A Bite Of The Big Apple


I felt like I had wanted to go to New York for an eternity! Stepping off the plane I was so incredibly excited to finally be in the concrete jungle! Every skyscraper we went past was met with an “ohhh” and “ahhh” and I wanted to stop and stare at everything.

The next morning we jumped straight into the experience, we started with a two hour walking tour that took us to all the famous sites (Central Park, The Rockefeller Center, Grand Central Station etc.) and our amazing tour guide filled us with the history of how the famous city was built. Our main agenda aside from the sites was of course food. I had a list of places I wanted to visit and we hopped right to it, we had tasty tacos and freshly made mini doughnuts at Chelsea Market, we went to Ellen Stardust, one of NY’s most famous diners, where the waiters sing as they serve you, and we had Korean fried chicken amongst other things.

We went for 8 days, which we found to be ideal because it meant we could do a bit of everything without rushing. We took our time at the MET museum and soaked up some rays at the top of the Rockefeller center (Overpriced at $60 per person but had amazing views of the whole city). All in all we had such an amazing time. If you ever get a chance definitely go! NY has so much to offer.

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